Spare Parts &

MAIRS Technology offers our customers a full range of replacement spare parts and consumables, regardless of manufacturer or age. Even if the part is difficult to source, we can rely on our extensive portfolio of technology partners to assist us in finding it. No challenge is too difficult. Due to the vast variety and range of products, if we do not have it in our warehouse, we will source the necessary parts for your site quickly and economically.

Some of the parts and consumables that are provided by MAIRS Technology:


Collector Plates Discharge Electrodes
Rapping Systems Insulators: Support, Rapping, Anti-sway, Feed-through
Precipitator Controllers Rapper Controllers
SCR’s Transformer-Rectifier Sets and parts
Hopper Level Detectors High Voltage transducers
Opacity Monitors Wahlco Flue Gas Conditioning (FGC) systems
  • Parts for ESP Models: Joy Western Precipitation, BHA, Lurgi, Alstrom/GE, FLS, ABB-FlaktWoods, Lodge-Cottrell, Mitsubishi
  • Parts and upgrade units can be sourced via our Agent/Representative for Castlet Ltd in the United Kingdom for all of your Power and Controller needs

Transform Rectifiers

High & Low Voltage Controller Cubicals

Collector Plates


Fabric Filters:
Retrofits Filter Bags
Filter Cages Pulse Valves
Dust Valves Instrumentation & Controllers
Broken Bag Detectors Opacity Monitors
Hopper Level detectors Materials handling system
ESP to Fabric Filter Conversion

ESP to Fabric Filter Conversion

Spare Fabric Filter Bags of various materials

Spare Fabric Filter Bags of various materials

Pulse Valve System

Pulse Valve System


Mechanical Collectors:
Upgrades Instrumentation
Vane improvements Pulse Valves
Fans Materials handling system
Ducting Opacity Monitors

Improved Cyclone Design

Fan and Motor replacements

Refurbished cyclone bodies


Packing Media Activated Carbon media
Mist eliminators Spray nozzles
Pumps Fans
Chemical Dosing Systems Instrumentation
Continuous Monitoring System Condensers & Heat Exchangers

Valves and Instrumentation

Piping and pumping system

Activated Carbon Media


Destructive Technology:
Catalyst Media Combustion Blowers & Burners
Flare Pilot Assemblies Insulation & Refractory refurbishment
Piping train retrofits Instrumentation & Controls
Continuous Emission Monitoring System Ceramic Media
Complete Igniters and Replacement Heads Valves & Fittings

Flare Igniters and Replacement Heads

Catalyst Media

Combustion Blowers & Burners