Service & Maintenance

At MAIRS Technology, the importance of servicing and inspecting your environmental solutions packages is critical for a smooth continuous operation, and to identify any issues which may be present. This will also ensure that your system runs at its optimum rate whilst continuing to meet your environmental obligations (as outlined in the Australian Air Quality Standards).

MAIRS Technology also offers a range of maintenance service agreements tailored around site operations and equipment operation. This is to remove any hassles or confusion when it comes to looking after your system. As a standard package, our maintenance service agreement includes:

  • Detailed inspection of the system with updated maintenance schedules
  • Diagnosis of any problems experienced with the operation
  • Servicing of all consumables
  • Access and supply of all spare parts for your system
  • Replacement of any spare parts and recalibration (if required)
  • Full maintenance report post works completion and handover

MAIRS Technology is not just known for being an innovative, imaginative solutions provider. Our vast experience and knowledge mean we are able to work closely with and help our customers when their current system requires optimisation or an upgrade, due to various factors which have changed overtime. Whether your ESP requires spare parts, a full rebuild, or new technology to replace ageing technology; or whether your production output has increased, and your scrubber is not able to meet the new demand, our experienced team is here to help with your needs.