Projects & Execution

MAIRS Technology has an extensive range of products that may be suitable for your site and, due to our extensive experience, we can impartially recommend the best tailored/custom designed environmental management solution specific for your site needs and requirements, while also considering:

  • Required removal efficiency based on individual state requirements
  • Optimum space/design layout, if space is an issue
  • Capital outlay and operating costs considered during design process

MAIRS Technology also offers the following services:

  • Assistance with your feasibility studies and budgets
  • Onsite inspection and survey of existing equipment
  • Coordination of onsite emission monitoring, and testing of existing process off-gas streams through the assistance of our trusted partners
  • In-house engineering design and drafting, project management and execution
  • 3D model development for ease of conceptual design review and virtual walk-through
  • All necessary quality documents and post support installation services and maintenance for the equipment

With all new technology being introduced to a process, MAIRS Technology recognises the importance of training and education. We share our expert knowledge, as it is critical that plant operators and technicians know how to operate these easily. Our team at MAIRS Technology, provides training for site personnel across not only a range of topics or products, but also across industries, to give them a deeper understanding of their equipment.