Case Studies:


Due to the manual chemical filling of large volume storage dosing tanks, a customer had both OH&S and environmental problems when filling their tankers. They needed a simple standard scrubber solution to minimise, for user operation, but also to be copied across multiple sites and states relatively quickly.
MAIRSTech witnessed the manual chemical filling process and designed a common packed bed scrubber assembly, which could handle all applications and flows, whilst meeting OH&S and environmental regulations.
Due to a standardised cost-efficient design made for their dosing systems, the customer was able to not only meet necessary requirements, but also save on all future supply of similar sized units, service maintenance works and spare parts.


During the food manufacturing process, our customer saw an increase in odour due to the produce being used. At the same time, there was increasing pressure from internal management to determine the odour’s cause and makeup, and devise how it could be managed.
MAIRSTech worked with the customer to determine the odour characteristics and compounds which needed to be treated. A suitable activated carbon bed unit and Induced Draft fan was implemented. The bed was designed to have a minimum breakthrough life of 12 months or more to maximise productivity. Partial automation was added so that the carbon system could commence when the whole plant was in operation.
MAIRSTech provided the customer with engineering assistance on the requirements of the detailed gas characteristics analysis form, especially with the presence of aldehydes, amines, ammonia and other compounds. The final carbon bed design with long break-through bed life system reduced the unit’s OPEX cost further.